Our achievements

The AgroSpace Platform offers to the users:

  • 18 different mobile applications for the production and sale of agricultural products, and distant consulting in up to four languages (English, Kyrgyz, Russian and Tajik). More than 170,000 downloads, around 15 % are active users
  • More than 600 electronic materials in the electronic library, related to the development of agricultural, rural area and economy in Central Asia, with the ability to add free / paid materials, search and download. More than 360,000 downloads of the materials by the users
  • Electronic trade platform for the sale and purchase of 14 types of agricultural products with the ability to place ads with photos of products from a smartphone. More than 3,000 users per month
  • Electronic maps with information about the production of 35 types of agricultural products at the district level since 2012, the location of processing companies, storage facilities, greenhouses, agrostores, etc. for making the right decisions for investment, planning production and processing of products, organizing effective harvest. More than 500 specialists from different countries use the tool to solve their tasks monthly
  • The distant consulting system allows training specialists, consultants and businesses to find each other through a mobile application in the Android OS, which provides the ability to easily register a user, create a profile, and conduct an assessment of the consultant and training specialist. Work is underway to integrate vid-eoconferencing and payment modules into the tool
  • A YouTube video channel with educational and informational videos to increase yields, prevent diseases and control pests. More than 125,000 views and more than 1,500 subscribers
  • Other tools are retail market prices for agricultural products in the cities of Tajikistan (weekly) and Kyrgyzstan (monthly); calculators for calculating the quantity of seeds, water for irrigation and fertilizers. More than 3,000 users of these tools per year


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